Now with something unexpected under the bonnet.

The Beetle Spirit

Traditionally remarkable

No other car has as much tradition as the Beetle. Look here and discover where the Bug came from, where it stopped along the way, and where it’s heading in the future.

The Spirit

Experience the spirit.

The One. The Only.

The Beetle: A rebel with history – a rough diamond, despite its rounded lines, even in the 21st century. It makes statements where others make compromises, and inspires trends where others only follow. This is the attitude that is woven into every chapter of the turbulent history of the Beetle, and links tradition and the future. 

The Beetle Story

In ’67, the year of the Summer of Love, the Beetle already populated American streets in its thousands. The unique and unconventional form of the Bug perfectly matched the new revolution and ensured that Peace, Love and Freedom found their way to even the remotest corners of the USA.

Personal freedom played a significant role at home in Germany, too. From here, countless ‘Käfers’ crossed the Alps. But the legend that took Europe by storm was not built around the Beetle’s ambitions as a tourist alone. It sparkled under the Spanish sun as the Escarabajo, in Portugal as the Carocha and, as the Maggiolino, enjoyed the Italian dolce vita.


Design icon.

The Beetle.
Back for good.

It’s not an old story retold, it’s a new chapter in the glorious history of a living legend. And this latest chapter has a lot to offer. Whether it be infotainment, high-quality materials and iconic looks that never go out of fashion – the authentic style of the Beetle unites classic styling and contemporary technologies as no other car can.


Bug to the future.

There’s more to come

The Beetle never could stand still. And the future will see it rolling on. The new Beetle concepts bring a taste of the high-tech of a coming age – revolutionary looks and futuristic reinterpretations of traditional Beetle design.

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