As sun as possible.

Leave the cold weather behind and win a trip to Hawaii with new Beetle Cabriolet.


Beetle Cabriolet

The Convertibeetle.

No other car radiates as much optimism as the Beetle. And, in the new Beetle Cabriolet, this optimism is now rewarded with the true feeling of summer at the press of a button. But on days when the weather won’t play along, an attractive interior and no end of modern feature packages guarantee a summery mood under the roof even when its grey and rainy outside.


Sunny one so true, I love you.

Let the outside in.

It’s no secret that we always head for where it’s sunny and warm. Why? Because it’s good for us. Sunshine simply makes us happier. What better reason could there be to let the sunshine in? In the Beetle Cabriolet, it takes no longer than 9.5 seconds until the roof is automatically opened and folded down.


Ready for everything. Especially summers.

Radio RNS 510

The ‘RNS 510’ radio/navigation system with voice control, picture navigation, touch screen, large colour screen, DVD drive, 30-gigabyte hard disk, SD memory card slot and an AUX-IN socket, features pre-installed maps of Europe.


Always sit on the bright side of life.

Dashboard in bodywork colour

The trim panels on the dashboard are finished in the same paint as the bodywork and thus express the owner’s personal commitment to style. The ‘Käfer Compartment’ in the dashboard, directly above the glove compartment, is a simultaneously practical and stylish homage to the glorious past of the Beetle Cabriolet.


Enjoy the sunny side. Every inch of it.

One car, all the summer trends.

The Beetle hits the roads on an enormous selection of stylish and attractive wheels. For instance, on ‘Twister’ 18-inch alloy wheels. Optional Bi-Xenon headlights guarantee the best light there is, and not just the light from the skies. And a truly special highlight is the range of eight international nicknames from Volkswagen Original Accessories.

Feature-packed packages

And it gets even sunnier.

Meet the Beetle Family

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